Watch D.O.G.S.

What is Watch D.O.G.S.

WATCH D.O.G.S.®(Dads Of Great Students) is one of the nation’s largest and most respected school-based, family, and community engagement, organizations in the country, that brings male role models into the schools to help during the day.

Dads spend a day with their children at school and get to interact with educators, to help as crossing guards, hall monitors, library assistants, lunchroom aides, classroom / homework tutors, and yard / gym coaches. The possibilities are endless.

There are 2 primary goals of the WATCH D.O.G.S. program:

1. To provide positive male role models for the students, demonstrating by their presence, that education is important.

2. To provide extra sets of eyes and ears to enhance school security and reduce bullying.

WhO Are Watch D.O.G.S.

Watch D.O.G.S. are fathers, grandfathers, uncles, and other father-figures who volunteer for at least one day each year at an official WATCH D.O.G.S.® school.

Please contact us to find a volunteer date that works with your schedule.

Dads Of Great Students