Build a Mascot

On the evening of the event, students will rotate through the following stations to build their very own Mr. Mav:

  1. Stuffing – your student can stuff their Mav until it squeezes just right
  2. Wishing Heart – each student will get a heart to make a wish on before putting it inside their Mav
  3. T-Shirt – put a purple shirt on your Mav to make him feel more at home at MRE
  4. Naming – each student will get to fill out a birth certificate for their Mav
  5. Mascot Photo – each student will be able to take a pic with the original Mr. Mav and their new special pal.

Mascot Birthday Visit

When the big day arrives, imagine the look of pure amazement on your child’s face as our cheerful mascot, decked out in vibrant colors and a beaming smile, enters their classroom. With boundless energy and playful antics, our mascot will captivate the room, spreading laughter and excitement amongst all the children.

Each birthday child will receive personalized attention from our mascot, making them feel like the star of the show. The mascot will present a beautifully designed certificate, commemorating their special day, and shower them with warm wishes and hugs, creating memories they will treasure forever.

The Mascot Birthday Visit isn’t just about making birthdays extra special; it’s also a fantastic opportunity to strengthen the sense of community within our school. As classmates cheer and share in the joy of their friends’ birthdays, it fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie that will resonate throughout the entire academic year.

Don’t miss this chance to give your child a birthday celebration they will never forget! The Mascot Birthday Visit promises to be a highlight of their school year and an occasion they’ll eagerly anticipate as they watch their special day draw nearer. Join us in making your child’s birthday a magical and cherished experience. Let the Morton Ranch Elementary PTA Mascot Birthday Visit fill their day with laughter, love, and lifelong memories!

Note: The Mascot Birthday Visit is available for all students at Morton Ranch Elementary School, and the dates will be scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.