What is the PTA?

When you join the MRE PTA, you are helping to strengthen the relationship between the school, teachers, staff, parents & community. Your membership also entitles you to discounts and special offers both locally and nationally.

Your membership to the MRE PTA also includes membership to the parent organizations, the Texas PTA ( & National PTA ( Combined with these organizations, we are part of one of the largest child advocacy groups in the country and have a powerful voice both locally and nationally. Many benefits schools and children receive today are a direct result of the PTA’s advocacy.

When you volunteer locally, you set a great example to the students, of service to our community. Whether it is just an event here and there or several hours a week, we are always looking for volunteers to help make a difference in our school. Not only does the PTA help advocate for our students, we also help to encourage the teachers and staff.

The PTA is vital piece of the education infrastructure in our community. Join today and help advocate for our children and the future leaders of our community.

So, Whats the catch?

So we know what you are thinking, “Hey this all sounds great, but what is the catch?” and the great news is that there is NONE, zero, zilch, nada. Let’s go ahead and get a few of the quick misnomers out of the way.

So, If I do join, Do I have to go to meetings?

Joining the PTA does entitle you to attend the general meetings, that are held multiple times throughout the school year. These meeting help guide the direction of our board as they bring the vision of the PTA to its members and put plans into action. Attendance to these meetings IS NOT mandatory, though we do encourage our members to attend to help shape the vision and direction of our PTA.

OK great, but what about volunteering? I am just too busy to spend hours upon hours at the school.

When you join our PTA, You are NOT required to volunteer. The PTA and our events are run by volunteers and depend on volunteers to get the job done. We HIGHLY encourage you to spend a couple hours helping out at the PTA events but it is not required. Volunteering is a very rewarding and fun experience. It helps build lasting bonds with our educators, families & communities.

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